The week in dog news

Frenchman murders his girlfriend and flees with dog His attachment to his pet led to his arrest. Too bad he wasn’t as nice to his girlfriend. Uggie’s outfit wows the Red Carpet crowd Details at US Weekly on the Artist star.     Labs are number one for popularity, Scotties #54 The Dachshund has dropped […]

Read the Dachshund News’ past Oscar coverage

In honour of tonight’s Academy Awards, browse the Dachshund News’ Oscar archives where you will find both great video performances by wiener dogs and Doxies with their movie star owners including Joan Crawford. The caption reads: “The Tone family consists of Joan, Franchot and three dachshunds. In this picture Joan has Baby, her dog, and […]

A classic cat and wiener dog video

It’s the run-up to the Oscars Sunday so enjoy this destined-to-go-viral YouTube video starring Lucy the Dachshund and Polo the Persian cat. The balance of power shifts back and forth throughout this tense three-minute short until the surprising final scene.

Andi wins Daily Dachshund Oscar Quiz

We asked you to name an actress with multiple Dachshunds and Oscars to win the grand prize of assigning the Daily Dachshund and Dog News to the story of your choice. The answer we were looking for was Ingrid Bergman. While the Daily Doxie cannot turn up a record of her wiener dogs on the […]

Barney the first dog’s 2007 holiday video is out

Just when the Daily Dachshund and Dog News was starting to wonder if the CIA might have destroyed it, this year’s special White House holiday video of Barney, the first dog, and his companion Scottish Terrier, Miss Beazley, is up on the web. Go here to the Barney home page, and look in the right-hand […]