Dachshunds: The most popular wiener dog pages

Flash’s first snow!, originally uploaded by jennyree. Most popular Dachshund posts of the past month: Daily Dachshund and Dog News home page 10 top Dog Names of 2007 including a list of favourite wiener dog name Dachshund in the snow photo New photos of Dachshund and piglet: The Tink and Pink story Great Dachshund photos […]

Elephant and Dog make special friends

Okay, Bella, the special friend of Tarra, the 8,700 pound Asian elephant, isn’t a wiener dog, but this video’s still a winner. As the story of Tink the Dachshund and Pink the pig proves, readers love inter-species animal friendships. And this one’s a real tearjerker complete with happy ending.Update: Here is more on the dog […]

Marshmallow Dachshund by Kitchen Retro

Continuing our look at edible Dachshunds, the Daily Doxie is bringing you a marshmallow wiener dog courtesy of Kitchen Retro. This blog seems to have developed something of a specialty in marshmallow animals including the piglet, a favourite with Daily Doxie readers. Here, however, the little oinker is paired with a lamb and not a […]

Dachshund Mom nurses orphaned kitten

By far, our most popular story ever here at the Daily Doxie was the tale of Tink, the wiener dog who adopted and nursed Pink the piglet. Now comes tell of Princess, an Iola, Kansas Dachshund who has adopted a motherless kitten. And while we’re on the subject, here’s some video of two Dachshund puppies […]